How to create quality content to generate leads!

As a content platform, we created NewsBox to help users tell their story and communicate directly with Journalists and influential people without sending spam.

MarketingProfs just sent over an invitation to download a free guide to creating great content.

Most marketers know content is a great way to generate leads. The only thing they don’t know is how to crack the code so every piece results in lead gen bliss.

A recent post by John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co., got more than 10,000 views, 1,200 LinkedIn shares, and brought in 100+ leads, all in less than a month. How’d he do it? Get the secret behind what made his post so successful and how to use these six tactics to give your own content marketing a boost.

Learn why:

  • Storytelling is key
  • Relevant CTAs are important
  • Tracking links is your friend

NewsBox is an application for organizations of all sizes to create and submit news releases to people who matter most. By submitting on NewsBox, users have the ability to target news to specific audiences and reach potential people of influence.