Writing Your NewsBox Profile

By on January 17, 2012 Feedback Loop , Sending Tips , Uncategorized

Submitting your news on NewsBox is great but if readers can’t reach out to you for more information, you’re limiting your success.  Journalists reading a release may want to contact you for more details, an expert request or to simply request a phone call or interview.  If you don’t have updated contact information available, you run the risk of losing that opportunity.

When you create your NewsBox account, take the time to go into the Profile tab and add detailed contact information about your organization.  If you are an expert or feel you have expertise in a specific industry or about a topic, list your expertise.  When journalists submit queries for experts, you’ll receive those queries through the NewsBox system and can answer directly to the journalist.

If you have content that regularly shows up at the bottom of your releases, ensure you create a boilerplate statement.  A boilerplate is a block of text that could be a company overview, legal disclaimer or information about various other companies/clients mentioned in the release.  If you want to ensure your message is consistent, you should create a boilerplate statement.  If you have specific contacts who are responsible for responding to news release inquiries, you should add those contacts into your boilerplate statement.

Don’t include news in your boilerplate statement.  The boilerplate is reusable content and should not be news release specific.

Put regular updates on your schedule to ensure journalists and other contacts always have up-to-date contact information.

Contact the NewsBox team if you feel there are elements of your profile that you’d like to include but are currently not available.  If enough users submit similar requests we’ll add those elements so all feedback is not only useful but necessary.

NewsBox is an application for organizations of all sizes to create and submit news releases to people who matter most. By submitting on NewsBox, users have the ability to target news to specific audiences and reach potential people of influence.